Toronto cop ordered to remove ‘Punisher’ patch from uniform

A Toronto Police spokesperson condemned the patch after a photo shared online sparked controversy

By Suzie Ziegler 

TORONTO — A Toronto police officer is facing internal discipline after he was spotted wearing a symbol on his uniform that the agency said was “not approved, nor appropriate.” 

According to The Star, the officer was told to remove a patch that resembles the logo of the ‘Punisher,’ a Marvel Comics vigilante character.

A photo of the patch shared to Twitter shows a black skull ringed by the words, “Make no mistake, I am the sheepdog.” At the bottom of the patch, there’s a small Canadian flag bisected by a blue line. Canadian reporters pointed out its similarity to the American ‘thin blue line’ flag used to show support for law enforcement. 

The tweet went locally viral, prompting Toronto Police to respond to the controversy. 

“The officer wearing the patch has been identified and he has been directed to remove it immediately,” spokesperson Meaghan Gray wrote in an email to The Star. “It is not approved, nor appropriate, for him to be wearing it on his uniform. This is now a matter of internal discipline, and as a result I am unable to offer anything further.” 


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