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Watch: Mich. officer saves child in middle of traffic

As the officer pulled up behind a speeding car at a traffic light, the child’s mother hopped out of the car and screamed, “Help! We got a baby in here dying!”


FOX2 Detroit

By Sarah Roebuck

WARREN, Mich. — What appeared to be a reckless driver turned into a lifesaving situation.

An officer with the Warren Police Department was on patrol for speed and distracted driving when he noticed a Chevrolet Camaro driving at a high rate of speed right by his cruiser, WDIV reports.

Dashcam video from the scene shows the officer stopping at a traffic light behind the car. A woman then hopped out of the car and screamed, “Help! We got a baby in here dying!”

The occupants of the car, identified as the mother and the 18-month-old’s uncle, were panicking because the child was not breathing and turning blue.

Officer Brendan Fraser jumped right into action.

The video shows Fraser taking the child out of the car and patting him on his back to clear his airway.

“It was a big relief for sure,” Fraser told WDIV. “The child started breathing and you saw that color started coming back around its lips. You realized that something happened here and we’re heading in the right direction.”

It is unclear exactly what the medical emergency was, but the child was taken to a hospital about a half mile up the road, where he is reported to be doing OK.