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The police ‘Running Man’ challenge videos, ranked

Let’s settle this once and for all

By Police1 Staff

What started as a viral video from two New Jersey high schoolers has become an all-out dance war between police departments across the world. Yes, we’re talking about the “Running Man” challenge. As the undisputed experts on busting a move, we’ve gathered up the top 15 entries for a definitive ranking of the videos we’ve seen so far. No need to thank us.

15. Western Australia Police
Solid production values and a cuff drop were enough to get the Western Australia Police on this list at number 15.

14. Kingston Police Department
Kingston cops faced off with a perp in this entry into the viral dance craze.

13. Oklahoma City Police Department
It wouldn’t be OKC without “appearances” from the Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

12. Australian Federal Police
Australian Federal Police threw their hat into the ring by bringing out the bomb squad.

11. New York Police Department
The NYPD showed off their moves with a little backup – students from PS 23 in Brooklyn.

10. Los Angeles Police Department
The LAPD gets major points for location – Dodger Stadium and the Hollywood sign are just a few of the choice backdrops for the department’s answer to the challenge.

9. Monroe (Ga.) Police Department
The Dark Knight joins in on the madness.

8. Vallejo (Calif.) Police Department
Police in Vallejo got some help from a local high school cheer squad to impressive results.

7. TIE: Scotland Police and Police Scotland College Recruits
Officers in Scotland showed off their stuff in front of Edinburgh Castle and convinced a group of trainees and instructors to also get in on the fun.

6. Victoria Police
Nice pipes.

5. New Zealand Police
The one that started it all.

4. Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services
Crocodile. Enough said.

3. Miami Police Department
Nice moves and great production values made Miami’s entry a tough one to beat.

2. Lexington (Ky.) Police Department
Did you know horses can dance?

1. Wichita (Kan.) Bomb Squad
Any time you can get an explosion into the mix, you’re a winner.

So there it is. Although all of the entries were strong in their own ways, there can only be one champion. Disagree with our rankings? Any we overlooked? Tell us what videos made your list in the comments.