The 'SWAT nod': How to tell other cops what your duty assignment is without saying a word

This gem has been floating around the internet for a while, and while its original author is unknown, the truths are just too accurate not to share

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Like snowflakes, no two police officers are alike. Similarly, no two duty assignments are alike. SWAT cops and school resource officers are all cops, but they have vastly different training, responsibilities and types of citizen contacts.

Motor cops have the primary objective of enforcing traffic laws, while vice cops go after street drugs and conduct prostitution stings. Even instructors are different – an FTO uses different training methods than a DT instructor. Let’s not even get started on the differences between patrol officers and administrative guys.

What follows is a list of how to make it clear to everyone in your department (as well as any other department) what your duty assignment is. In many cases you don’t even need to open your mouth – your attire and behavior will do all the work for you!

An important note before we begin: Be advised that what follows is not of my creation so I do not claim any ownership or authorship of it. Various versions of this have popped up in my Facebook feed, but I’ve never been able to ascertain its origin or identify its author. So with that disclaimer, enjoy this excellent piece of internet levity.

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