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Trending Topics: Why replica guns are a danger to cops and civilians

By Police1 Staff

Replica firearms are a very real danger to both police and the public at large. They have been at the center of a number of high-profile officer-involved shootings, close calls, and lockdowns. Even with the passing of laws intended to address the issue, incidents continue to occur at an all-too-frequent rate. In our latest installment of Trending Topics, we’ve gathered five stories that capture the severity of the problem and the complexity of finding a solution.

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Texas cops fatally shoot man who pulled replica

Footage captured the split-second decision officers were forced to make when a suspect pulled what appeared to be a handgun.

Police warn public against using iPhone cases shaped like guns

A new case that rests in the back pocket of a user’s pants could cause potentially dangerous encounters with police.

Will California’s replica gun law work?

Opponents of the new regulations argue the law will do little to prevent mistaken shootings and could actually make things more confusing for cops.

Texas cop’s quick judgment on replica prevents tragedy

Dash cam captured a 16-year veteran cop making a life-or-death choice after witnessing a teen moving something near his waistband.

Police: Ohio man painted gun red to resemble toy

Arrest came just four days after legislation was introduced in the state to require that lookalike guns be brightly colored or otherwise marked.