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On-demand webinar: 6 Trends Impacting U.S. public safety in 2023

Trends that will guide U.S. public safety organizations to success and transformation

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2022 was another year of change and challenges for public safety. Leaders in public safety need actionable insights to guide strategic initiatives and continue to serve their communities. As we move through 2023, what are the critical trends that will guide U.S. public safety organizations to success? Industry leaders present an interactive session where you’ll learn how to embrace the top trends of 2023 that will become key differentiators for your organization.


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L - R: Ganesha Martin, Donald De Lucca

Ganesha Martin is an executive legal thought leader committed to improving the culture of public safety across the country for the betterment of our communities and those who protect and serve. From senior roles within the Baltimore City Police Department to the Mayor’s Office, she has leveraged her positions to develop and implement compliance and risk mitigation strategies, crime and violence reduction plans and legislative priorities, and to transform community and police relations. If her time with the Baltimore Police Department taught her anything, it was that accountability leads to trust, and trust leads to solutions. It was through this lens that she joined Mark43, where she currently serves as VP of Community Affairs and Public Policy. Ganesha strongly believes in the universal human potential for rehabilitation, and that we can bridge any insurmountable divide with the right people at the table.

Donald De Lucca is a former Chief of the Miami Beach Police Department and a former President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He also served as Chief of the Golden Beach and Doral Police Departments in Florida. He is currently a partner at V2 Global, a risk mitigation and relationship management consulting firm.