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On-demand webinar: Turning disparate data into an actual investigation: Examining online criminal communication

Understand how your agency can benefit from data deep-dive analysis

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Threat actors’ communication and planning has moved online. Many law enforcement agencies have gaps in their understanding of social media and online criminal communication. Automating the process of data analysis can greatly assist in sorting through the digital swamp to get to the facts: What criminal networks is this suspect affiliated with? Who are their other members? Is this an organized group we need to focus on or empty threats from a basement provocateur? This webinar helps you better understand how your agency can benefit from data deep-dive analysis and how to better examine online criminal communications, from understanding how an apprehended suspect fits into criminal networks to event security where online chatter must be examined for potential threats.


“The input from the presenters was clear and concise. They did not speak over our heads. A lot of useful information covering the use and collection of OSINT.”

“Very well organized.”

“Interesting to see what other departments are utilizing.”


David Popham, Director, Law Enforcement, Fivecast

David is a former litigator at a major international law firm with over 25 years of legal industry, technology consulting and enterprise sales experience. A persuasive and charismatic leader, featured author, speaker and panelist with proven leadership skills and a proven track record of successes and accomplishments, David understands the complexities of enterprise sales and partnering with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to obtain buy-in from stakeholders at all levels. In his current role, David assists his clients in fulfilling their mission utilizing Fivecast - a world-leading provider of open-source intelligence that enables the world’s most important public and private organizations to explore masses of data, uncovering actionable insights which are critical to protecting global communities.

Abbi D., U.S. Tradecraft Lead, Fivecast

Abbi currently works for digital intelligence solution developer Fivecast as the U.S. tradecraft lead, enabling customers to employ Fivecast products operationally. She has extensive experience as an open source intelligence (OSINT) practitioner and social media exploitation specialist, leading training and consulting programs supporting U.S. and foreign intelligence partners, law enforcement, nonprofit and commercial customers.


Dustin Dodd is a detective supervisor for a municipal police department in the California Bay Area. He was sworn in 2001 and his assignments have included K-9 handler, explosive ordnance disposal, SWAT explosive breacher, drivers training instructor, traffic accident reconstruction, and computer and cellular phone forensic examiner. He has been involved in computer/cell phone forensics since 2007, and has served as an expert witness for federal and superior courts in matters involving analyzing data for criminal communications.