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Sergeant Dalton Webb on how a real-time crime center arms officers with information

The Fort Worth Police Department’s RTCC provides real-time analysis of calls for service to improve both officer and community safety


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Sergeant Dalton Webb is a 17-year veteran of the Fort Worth Police Department and founder of Fort Worth’s Real-Time Crime Center, which he began when he was an officer assigned to the intelligence section. Since then, the Fort Worth RTCC has grown into a 24/7 operation with 16 sworn officers and is the information and intelligence hub of the Fort Worth Police Department.

Sergeant Webb is now a national expert on the concepts of integrating technology into a policing agency and effectively using these tools to drive the policing mission. He is currently writing his first book on technology-driven policing and believes that most policing agencies in America will operate some form of a real time crime center within the next 10 years.

In this episode of Policing Matters, Sergeant Webb discusses the impact of technology-driven policing on officer safety and crime prevention.

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