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Drones as a de-escalation tool and force multiplier (eBook)

Learn how drones and two-way communications devices are reinventing how law enforcement responds to incidents

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Download this eBook to learn how drones and other devices can be used as a de-escalation tool and force multiplier.

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In the face of significant staffing shortages, surging workloads, protracted response times, and the daily perils inherent to their profession, today’s law enforcement agencies grapple with an array of daunting challenges. Amidst growing calls for police reform and an emphasis on “de-escalation,” the demand for additional training and innovative tools has never been greater.

Could the integration of drones and cutting-edge technologies be the solution to enhance police response, and in turn, ensure safer interactions between the police and the community?

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How two-way communications devices can de-escalate confrontations.
  • How drones are reinventing law enforcement response to incidents.
  • How the Drone as First Responder (DFR) is already changing the future of emergency response.

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