SHOT Show 2017: Covered 6 shows off their fold-up ballistic shield

This product can serve as protection for LE and other first responders who cannot wait for SWAT or whomever has a more traditional shield in their vehicle

Chris Dunn of Southern California-based Covered 6 showed off his company’s six-pound fold-up ballistic shield called the Savior. Designed to be discreet and easy to carry, the Savior offers NIJ rated Level IIIA protection with the ability to add a plate to bring it to full Level III protection while coming in at 10 pounds.

In addition to executive protection and home defense, this product can also serve as protection for LE and other public safety first responders who cannot wait for the SWAT team or whomever has a more traditional shield in his vehicle.

With current imminent threat best practices indicating that the first officer to arrive should go in alone if there is immediate danger to life, agencies might want to think about putting one of these $900 items in the trunk of every patrol car. Chris says that an officer shooting with a shield is a better shot because he or she feels protected, letting them better concentrate on the threat.

Photo/Covered 6

The Savior features a built-in pocket which is perfect for concealing a TASER or a more lethal option. Optional inserts help keep the weapon in a ready-to-draw position. A shield-mounted 3500-lumen distraction light adds an additional $300 to the price.

For more information, call +1 805.926.2055.

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