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Albuquerque PD gets new delivery of LDV mobile crime labs

The vehicle is equipped with a lab, conference room, kitchen and bathroom

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By Police1 Staff

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Albuquerque Police Department is now better equipped to fight crime on the go. Earlier this month, the department received two new mobile crime lab vehicles from LDV, a manufacturer of custom specialty vehicles.

The vehicle comes with a lab, conference room, kitchen and bathroom, according to LDV. The lab is outfitted with aluminum cabinetry and steel countertops, and the interior also features a conference table, TV monitors and flip-down bench seating.

Externally, the mobile crime lab is equipped with emergency lighting, sirens, LED tripod lights, telescoping light towers, a retractable arm for awnings and rear-mounted telescoping mast with surveillance camera equipment, according to LDV.

Albuquerque PD built their vehicles with the Freightliner M2 112 Conventional Cab chassis, according to a press release from LDV. The mobile crime lab comes with an Intel-I-Touch vehicle automation system to make deploying and shutting down the vehicle easy, says LDV.

Watch the video below for a full tour of Albuquerque PD’s new mobile crime lab from LDV and click here for more information about these vehicles.

Inside the command center is a front collaboration/workroom with flip-down bench seating and a fixed center conference table
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