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Watch: Texas PD’s George Strait-inspired recruitment video racks up applications

Applications have increased to almost 20% in the last few weeks with the new video and a $10K hiring incentive


Photo/YouTube via Southlake Police

By Domingo Ramirez Jr.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

SOUTHLAKE, Texas — George Strait would probably be proud.

For the past few weeks, Southlake police have used a version of Strait’s song “Amarillo By Morning” as part of their recruiting campaign for officers.

The sound is the same as the King of the Country’s 1982 legendary hit, but the words are different.

It starts out with the words, “Southlake police are hiring, if you need a new career.”

The video was released a few weeks ago, and Southlake police have received dozens of applications. They had two police tests scheduled this fall, but they’ve had to increase the number to three.

“Our message is that we are about community policing,” said Southlake Public Information Officer Brad Uptmore, who came up with the idea back in the spring.

He sought out country singer Derek Spence of Houston, and he was joined by guitarist Trey Harris and fiddler Jeremy Creed. Creed and Harris were dressed in Southlake police attire while Spence had the Strait look for the video.

In September, Uptmore and the group met at Smokey Rose in Dallas, and the police video was recorded.

“Start fresh, or lateral,” the song say. “We’ll buy all your gear.

“We’re accredited, be compensated. You’ll feel part of a blue family here.”

The video has attracted 100,000 viewers, and Southlake police said that with the new video and a $10,000 hiring incentive, applications have increased to almost 20 percent in the last few weeks.

The video and the words in the song have made recruiting a busy season for Southlake police.

“Age 21 or over, don’t do drugs or commit crimes. Pass a poly and psych test. On the fit test, get good times.”

Applications for Southlake police are due Dec. 15 and the next test is Dec. 12.

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