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Become a difference-maker during a tragedy: A review of Lone Star Medics’ Tac Med EDC class

This eight-hour class is a great enhancement to the minimal tactical medical training received by most cops


One of the most overlooked aspects of self-defense in both the cop world and that of armed citizens is emergency medical intervention. There are options out there for this education. I’ve attended more than a few but none better than Tac Med EDC by Lone Star Medics. This eight-hour class is a great enhancement to the minimal tactical medical training received by most cops.

The instructor

Caleb Causey is the owner and lead instructor of LSM. Causey started riding in ambulances when he was only 16 years old. After high school, he joined the Army and became a combat medic. He worked overseas in the 82nd Airborne and in the emergency room of the 212 M.A.S.H. unit. Caleb has served as a volunteer firefighter, EMT and paramedic and has multiple instructor certifications in the field.


Causey is a dynamic, encouraging instructor.

Photo/Warren Wilson

The reason I attended his class and am writing this piece for Police1 is not only because of his obvious competence but mostly who he is as a human. Causey is a dynamic, encouraging and witty instructor. He’s charismatic and kind. He’s among the most trustworthy people I know; so much so that I encouraged my wife and two of my female protégés to attend without hesitation. I don’t offer that level of trust to just anyone.

The class

The class was held at the excellent Meadhall Range near McLoud, Oklahoma. Tac-med classes worthy of taking require literal hands-on exercises. Causey vigorously explained the importance of respect and trust between students during practical exercises. That helped foster a sense of community and teamwork between the students. Even those with minimal or no knowledge of the topic will walk out with a substantially increased level of skill and confidence.


Trauma intervention is dynamic as is this class.

Photo/Warren Wilson

There was a wide range of topics expertly condensed into a single-day class. Some of the subjects covered in this class were:

  • Principles of Tactical Medicine: Scene Safety and Care Under Fire
  • Patient Drags and Carries
  • Patient Assessment Techniques
  • Hemorrhage Control Techniques: Tourniquets, Pressure Dressings and Hemostatic Agents
  • Identify and Treat Penetrating Chest Trauma
  • Identify and Treat for Shock
  • Burn and Blast Injuries
  • Medical Equipment Selection and Carry Options
  • Medical Considerations for Active Killer Events
  • Scene Safety

Causey’s holistic approach to teaching and his ability to interleave these skills elevated the class from mere technical training to a comprehensive understanding of how to respond in an actual emergency.


Lone Star Medics has all the training aids needed including this wound-packing module.

Photo/Warren Wilson


We used inert training firearm simulators during the scenarios at the end of the day. I’m cautious about going to classes like this unless I thoroughly vet the instructor. Sloppy instructors get people hurt. Caleb chose two of us to assist with checking each student for weapons after he’d personally done so. That’s correct. Each student was checked by three different individuals to ensure no live weapons were introduced into the scenarios. That is and should be the standard.


There is one thing I would caution you about when it comes to Caleb Causey: Drink water. He can smell a dehydrated person from 100 yards away. According to Caleb everything from heat stroke, killer whale attacks and low resale value on your home can be attributed to dehydration. Who am I to argue? He’s a medical professional. Drink water.


Caleb is a big believer in hydration.

Photo/Warren Wilson


Training is and should be enjoyable. Tac Med EDC covers serious topics but it’s executed in a way that makes it fun to attend. Caleb Causey takes a serious and perhaps even a little bit of a dry topic and makes it enjoyable. I’ve always struggled with medical stuff even though I’ve attended several classes on the topic. This one is different. We all left with newfound confidence. Lone Star Medics’ Tac Med EDC is a stand-out training experience for cops or anyone else who is interested in being a difference-maker during a tragedy.

LSM also offers a class specifically for law enforcement called Dynamic Patrol. Click here to see all the classes offered by Lone Star Medics.

Warren Wilson is a captain, training commander and rangemaster with the Enid Police Department in Oklahoma. He is a former SWAT team leader, current firearms instructor and writer. He has been a full-time law enforcement officer since 1996.