Overkill training mentality

By Tony Blauer

The overkill mind set is probably the most critical concept we embrace in our training. “Overkill” means to do more than necessary. For your purpose, it is not meant to be taken literally. We don’t want to burn out or injure ourselves, etc. So think of overkill as doing more than your opponent; don’t settle for less than you deserve, challenge your limits.

My favorite story that exemplifies the totality of this mind set is this: Mike Tyson, when training for his Larry Holmes fight was being interviewed while running at 4:32 A.M. in sub zero weather. On his very early morning run the interviewer asked him something to the effect of, “Mike, why are you running at this ungodly hour?” Tyson smiled and replied confidently, “Because I know my opponent is still asleep.”

The message in the story is “overkill” It epitomizes the way I train, read, study, research and govern myself. Embrace it. It’ll add a new dimension to your “warrior” attitude. Though there are so many aspects of this mind set that can be discussed, I’ve created some doctrines and included some fundamental points that should get you started.

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