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Genetec to showcase AutoVu Cloudrunner at IACP 2022

The technology detects, analyzes and securely stores vehicle identification data


Genetec’s AutoVu Cloudrunner gives law enforcement a way of identifying vehicles connected to crimes.

Genetec/AutoVu Cloundrunner

By Amanda Spence

MONTREAL — At IACP 2022, Genetec Inc. (booth #3400) will showcase its new cloud-based, vehicle-centric investigation system called AutoVu Cloudrunner.

The AutoVu Cloudrunner detects, analyzes and securely stores vehicle ID data, not just license plate information, according to a press release. The new technology provides law enforcement a way of identifying vehicles that are connected to crimes no matter the condition or time of day.

With Genetec’s AutoVu Cloudrunner, data is collected by a solar-powered automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera. It doesn’t require expertise to install, set up, or maintain, making it low maintenance.

Every Cloudrunner identification gives accurate information for a license plate, as well as its origin, according to the product’s brochure. The technology also includes the speed at which the vehicle is traveling. Added accessories on the vehicle are also registered, such as trailer hitches, to make identification more reliable. AutoVu Cloudrunner is also available on any device or browser, making it easy to use.

According to a press release, AutoVu Cloudrunner will cost $2,495 a year, which includes a yearly subscription with hardware and software.

At the IACP booth, there will also be a Dodge Challenger equipped with the AutoVu SharpZ3 ALPR cameras, Z3 lightbar mounts, an i-PRO in-car video system and a Panasonic CF33 laptop and dock.

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