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Public Outreach

“If I can help one person, then I have accomplished my mission.”
The founder of Citizens Behind the Badge discusses his goal of enabling the voices of law enforcement supporters to be heard loud and clear
The shifting perceptions of law enforcement in the US
“I wanted to tell (Joel) ‘Thank you’ and that I appreciated the painting,” K-9 Rico’s handler Special Agent Richard Hunton said
As officers tried to break up fights, teens began to assault officers; one officer was pushed to the ground, and was repeatedly punched and kicked by the group
“This violence against police and first responders is unacceptable, and needs to be condemned,” City Council President Ed Flynn said
Aurora Police Chief Keith Cross said he hopes the vehicle will serve as a community engagement tool
The “peacekeepers” in the new unit received training in areas including crowd de-escalation tactics and crisis interruption
More than 30 girls received hands-on instruction and learned how to use equipment that police and fire use every day
The survey and the later discussions about the results have helped police identify specific problems and improve the way they respond to issues
The program helps justice-involved transitional-aged youth from 16 to 24 experiencing homelessness and mental health or substance abuse disorders