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A look at the nuances of free speech related to threats, standards for home entry, use of force and qualified immunity, and evolving regulations on firearms
With lawmakers in limbo, I’m betting on cops and communities to win the fight against radicalization
“Landmark case [could] change the landscape of public safety for future generations.”
Every year, Police1 breaks down United States Supreme Court rulings of significance to law enforcement
Isaiah Lewis’ parents argued that he was experiencing a mental health crisis and that police used excessive force
There were several noteworthy cases from the past term pertaining to law enforcement officer liability for alleged constitutional violations
The Tekoh ruling should be a non-event for all law enforcement officers. Miranda warnings should be administered as they were before the case was decided.
It would prohibit a person from receiving a license to carry a firearm if there’s reliable or credible risk of public safety
Law enforcement officers can sometimes avoid escalating situations by taking the time to understand the other person’s perspective
The order also requires the state patrol to work with the Attorney General to “carefully scrutinize” cooperation requests related to reproductive healthcare
Read about a challenging rescue, a sheriff’s thoughts on red flag laws and more from this week’s news
“My job is chasing predators, rapists and human traffickers, not someone exercising a right,” said Sheriff Javier Salazar
In total, four officers were injured by projectiles and fireworks during the demonstrations, LAPD said
The decision struck down a New York law requiring people to demonstrate a particular need for carrying a gun to get a license to carry one in public
A suspect must still be warned of their Miranda rights for their confession to be used in court
All nine justices ruled that the plaintiff should not be allowed to pursue retaliation claims
The case asks if officers who don’t provide a Miranda warning can be sued for violating a suspect’s constitutional rights
Justice Jackson’s district court opinions and orders provide an example of her jurisprudential work related to law enforcement
A lower court asserted an unlawful arrest lawsuit could only proceed with a formal declaration of innocence, but the Supreme Court disagreed
Judge Ketanji Jackson, who comes from a police family, had previously won the support of the FOP
In 2021 the Supreme Court affirmed long-standing truisms that protect the home and that qualified immunity review is not a shield against unconstitutional conduct
The court denies law enforcement officers qualified immunity for the arrest of a local journalist in a recent case
Justices reversed rulings in two separate cases related to use-of-force lawsuits
If there is any clearly established Supreme Court precedent, it is that the Court believes lower courts continue to misconstrue Supreme Court direction on qualified immunity
The troopers were sued for allegedly failing to protect a woman before her ex-boyfriend went on a shooting rampage in 2015
Sanctity of the home unites conservative and liberal justices – again
Courts commonly cite risks of imminent injury, potential escape of the fleeing suspect and destruction of evidence as exigencies supporting warrantless entry
Three justices dissented and accused their colleagues of avoiding a potentially controversial case
Decision unites Courts’ conservatives and liberals