Video: Suspect in stolen vehicle taunts officers to pursue him

During the last time the vehicle showed up near the officers' location, the driver attempted to flee by driving in reverse, hitting another cruiser with his vehicle

By Sarah Roebuck

BRATENAHL, Ohio — A man in a stolen vehicle was arrested after dash cam video shows him repeatedly taunting officers to pursue him, the Bratenahl Police Department said in a statement.

On Sept. 11, officers saw a stolen BMW doing donuts in several intersections. Officers made multiple attempts to stop the vehicle, but each time they approached the car, the suspect took off at a high rate of speed.

Due to concerns about public safety, officers disengaged from the initial pursuit. Police said the suspect, wearing a ski mask, continued to return to taunt the officers.

The last time the vehicle reappeared near the officers' location, the suspect started driving in the wrong direction. Taking advantage of the driver's distraction, police said an officer managed to position his vehicle in front of the man's, stopping him from advancing.

As the suspect attempted to escape once more by driving down the road in reverse, police said he hit another cruiser with the rear of his vehicle. By then, the officers had effectively cornered the stolen vehicle.

The suspect got out of the vehicle and started to flee on foot. Officers pursued him and reported seeing a gun in his right hand during the pursuit.

Officers deployed a TASER and were able to incapacitate the suspect and place him under arrest.


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