Photos: Deputy ‘allows himself to be struck’ by wrong-way driver, saving others

The impact pushed both vehicles over 140 feet and into a semi-truck, police said

By Suzie Ziegler

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. — Shocking photos tell the story of one deputy’s heroic act. 

Last week, an unnamed Adams County deputy put himself in the path of a wrong-way driver to prevent other cars from being hit, the Adams County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook. The deputy was responding to assist when he saw the wrong-way driver headed toward over a dozen vehicles, police said. 

“[The] deputy bravely put himself and his vehicle in harm’s way ahead of the stopped vehicles to intercept the incoming vehicle and allowed himself to be struck so the other vehicles would not be hit,” the agency wrote on Facebook. 

The impact pushed both vehicles over 140 feet and into the front of a stopped semi-truck police said. Luckily, no one suffered any major injuries. Both the wrong-way driver and the deputy were treated by medics as a precaution. 

The sheriff’s office shared photos of the wreckage, which show the deputy’s smashed patrol car and the collision with the semi-truck. 

“We are thankful that the only casualties were the vehicles involved,” the agency wrote. “There is no doubt that without the deputy’s quick action and bravery several vehicles would have been struck at high speeds and lives would have been lost.” 

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