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Video: Texas cop smashes window of uncooperative motorist

When the driver of a speeding vehicle refused to comply, the officer smashed the window and pulled him out

By Police1 Staff

ADDISON, Texas — An uncooperative motorist learned the hard way what happens when you refuse to comply with law enforcement during a traffic stop, Houston Chronicle reports.

The driver of a speeding vehicle, Scott Richardson, 49, refused to show identification when the officer pulled him over for going 50 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone.

Richardson, who filmed the entire encounter, is heard on the video arguing with the officer that he could not be arrested for speeding.

“Speed limit is not a crime in the state of Texas,” Richardson says in the video.

“It is,” the officer responds to him.

According to the Houston Chronicle’s research, Richardson’s arguments are not accurate. Under Texas transportation code, government officials are allowed to enforce speed laws. Also, Richardson states that he is allowed to refuse producing identification unless he is seen committing a felony, citing Brown v. Texas, but it was established officers only need probable cause.

The Addison Police Department backed the officer’s use of force.

"[Richardson] did not comply with the lawful order from the police officer repeatedly and the officer is permitted to force him to comply,” David Margulies, a spokesman for the Addison Police Department, said.