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An officer’s vehicle is their base of operations – make sure it serves them well
Many agencies have resorted to the cannibalization of other vehicles in order to keep their vehicles on patrol
“The biggest priority here is to make sure our students and staff are safe, and we’re protecting their security at all times,” Eanes ISD Superintendent Jeff Arnett said
One Mustang Mach-E will be used as a supervisor’s vehicle and the other will be taken on patrol
Experience the difference Havis can make in optimizing your patrol vehicle’s workspace
San Diego law enforcement and fire agencies will use the unique siren to warn the public about natural disasters, SWAT standoffs and other evacuation incidents
The time has come for EVs to take on patrol car duties
Early forays into EVs have identified high performance with lower maintenance costs
As automakers add electric options for their public safety customers, here is what you need to know for 2023 and beyond
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Somerset PD Chief Joel Trepczyk answered residents’ questions following their EV purchase, including why the Model Y was chosen as well as officer feedback
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If you’re using atypical cars, your department doesn’t have to sacrifice secure storage
Havis has taken a progressive approach providing the user with a comfortable workspace by organizing control heads and other essential equipment
“By eliminating exposed hardware and making it faster and easier to install, we also are helping agencies upgrade their motor pool without taking vehicles out of service for extended periods”
A new state law requires police agencies to establish policies about the use of such equipment
Grey Man Tactical’s products help turn piles of gear into organized gear
The #301 Vehicle Dual Seat Back Locking RMP Package is $2,000 fully assembled
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