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Assess your agency’s health and wellness

Take our survey to measure how your department stacks up when it comes to supporting employees

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How does your agency stack up when it comes to mentally and emotionally supporting providers?

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By Editorial Staff

While protecting and serving your community as a first responder is uniquely rewarding, it also comes with a host of factors that impact your mental, emotional and physical health. Shift schedules alone make it difficult to fit in exercise, healthy meal planning and adequate rest for recharging. Add in intense and traumatic calls and it’s a recipe for sleepless nights and atypical stress.

As such, it’s crucial for law enforcement leaders to prioritize the mental health of their officers by providing wellness initiatives and resources to support their overall well-being. By taking a look at what agencies are doing to support members, we can better understand the current state of mental health support for first responders and to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for leaders to better support their officers’ mental health needs.

Download the wellness assessment below and see how your agency stacks up. If your agency doesn’t make the grade, check out these resources for adding more wellness support to your agency:

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How police leaders can set officers on a pathway to resilience
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Fill out the form below to download a wellness assessment to see how your agency ranks.

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