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Many officers look back on their time at the police academy with a sense of accomplishment and pride, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t hit some snags along the way
A random encounter with a Latvian prompted my commitment to learn something new every day
Online learning is becoming a popular training and organizational tool for police departments. Learn why online learning should be your department’s next investment.
The proposed change was prompted after an officer, now facing charges for an in-custody death, exhibited signs of a mental breakdown at the academy
Officer Ervin Karic was found dead in his vehicle near the academy; his death was not considered to be suspicious
It is unclear whether the unauthorized training exercise was punitive, but that will be a focus of the internal investigation
One recruit allegedly suffered blisters from being forced to bear crawl on hot asphalt
“In order to have a vigorous police force for a city our size, we need to accelerate future [NYPD] classes,” the group wrote
Alexa Jacobs, 27, was participating in a police academy exercise before she fell ill
An investigation concluded that two troopers had directed trainees to take part in the makeshift water ride
Over criticism from a police union, Providence PD says the three recruits are qualified with “the necessary skills”