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Top 10 bizarre police news stories of 2023

These stories are a shoo-in to get your side aching from laughter

By Police1 Staff

Why did the cat get a ticket?

... it littered.

OK, maybe that was a bad joke, but these next 10 news stories are a shoo-in to get your side aching from laughter. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right? For more “shake my head” stories, check out our bizarre beat topic, which is a collection of oddball encounters that police officers see on the streets daily.

10. Suspect uses rideshare app for pickup while surrounded by Kan. officers

The original incident occurred when two men broke into a Dollar General around 4 a.m. The men were able to get inside, but nothing was stolen. One suspect was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit, but the second suspect tried to get away from the scene by using a rideshare app. The rideshare did arrive and the suspect was able to get inside the vehicle — but not for long. Officers intervened and arrested him after he got inside the vehicle.

9. Man steals military vehicle, leads deputies on pursuit on same day he’s released from jail

Most suspects want to stay as far away from jail as possible after getting arrested. But not this one.

This suspect stole a 5-ton, privately-owned 1986 923-A military vehicle and led police on a pursuit on the same day he was released from jail. There were multiple attempts to stop and disable the vehicle, but none were successful. Instead, the driver exited the vehicle and ran from the scene after coming to a stop during the pursuit. Police were able to arrest him and returned him to the same detention center that night.

8. Colo. man tries to switch seats with dog to avoid DUI arrest

Poor doggo.

A driver, who was pulled over for speeding, tried to switch places with his dog in the passenger seat to avoid arrest after showing signs of being drunk. The man attempted to run from the officer after he was asked how much he had to drink, but he was quickly apprehended.

“The dog was given to an acquaintance of the driver to take care of while the party was in jail. The dog does not face any charges and was let go with just a warning,” police wrote on Facebook.

7. Man responds to Ohio PD’s Facebook post seeking his arrest: ‘Be quicker’

Not the smartest route to take here. A 20-year-old suspect who was wanted on “multiple warrants” decided to chime in when he saw his photo on the police department’s Facebook page.

“Y’all almost had [me] the other day. You gotta be quicker than that,” the suspect wrote under the photo from his own Facebook account. “What will I get if I turn myself in?”

The post received over 800 comments and nearly 700 shares. And yes, he was eventually arrested.

6. Police: N.C. furniture thief tried to cash in on reward for stolen property

Another head-scratcher.

This 59-year-old man stole furniture from a local business and then called them to inquire about a potential reward for its return. On the phone, he told the business he had the stolen furniture.

The suspect was “rewarded” by detectives “with a set of handcuffs after he was identified as the suspect who initially stole the furniture from the local business,” the department wrote on Facebook.

5. Suspect bails out of stolen truck, tries to flee LAPD officers on skateboard

You have to see it to believe it.

Officers pulled over a stolen pickup truck and trailer, but the driver then led officers on a brief pursuit. The driver ended up striking a vehicle, losing control and spinning out.

As officers approached the truck, the suspect hopped out and jumped onto a skateboard. He was wearing a reflective vest that made him easy to see in the early-morning darkness. Six officers took off after him on foot.

Other officers were already positioned down the street ahead of the skateboarding suspect. As he passed by, one officer pushed him off the board and others subdued him.

4. Fla. man leaves wallet behind after breaking into police station


Photo/Naples Police Department

A drunken man was accused of jumping a fence outside the police station and sitting in an unlocked cruiser — waiting to break into the station.

Once he was able to successfully get inside, he took a shower in the men’s locker room and stole clothing, as well as a ballistic vest, from an officer’s duffle bag.

He didn’t stop there.

He also flooded a portion of the building and threw a police radio into a toilet.

Officers watched surveillance video to ID the suspect but were pleasantly surprised to find the suspect’s wallet left behind in the cruiser he had previously been inside.

3. Vampire straw gets passenger arrested at Boston airport



This is not a regular straw. It’s a vampire straw.

What’s a vampire straw, you ask?

Good question.

It’s a 10-inch-long titanium straw with a beveled end that is used as a self-defense weapon since it can be used like a dagger. But it can also be used as a straw.

In this case, TSA at Boston’s Logan International Airport wasn’t taking any chances and arrested the passenger for carrying the vampire straw, which isn’t allowed in passenger carry-on bags.

2. ‘Yes, you read that correctly': Driver wearing Bud Light costume arrested for DUI

You just can’t make this up.

When a deputy pulled over a driver for a possible DUI, he found the driver dressed up like a can of Bud Light.

And before you ask: No, this wasn’t during Halloween. So definitely not a costume.

“We see strange things in our line of work, but that’s toward the top for sure,” the department wrote on Facebook.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

1. Amazon delivery driver walks through standoff scene to deliver package

This will forever be filed under, “Did that really just happen?”

This Amazon driver’s delivery went viral after he was seen walking through an active police scene — during a standoff — to deliver a package.

Police officers intercept the package, but the driver forgets to do one last thing. Take a picture to prove delivery. Instead, he takes a photo of the scene and walks back to his delivery truck.