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Video: Maine officer removes two cups stuck on skunk’s head

“Don’t show me your butt!” Officer Hilton can be heard saying as the animal approaches

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Old Town Police Department

By Joanna Keen

OLD TOWN, Maine — An officer with the Old Town Police Department was apparently spared from being sprayed by a skunk during a close encounter, WMTW reports.

The encounter happened early in the morning at a Dunkin’. Officer Hilton can be seen in the video beckoning the skunk closer while trying to avoid being sprayed.

“Don’t show me your butt!” Hilton can be heard saying as the animal approaches.

He pulls off the cups, one at a time. The skunk can be seen ambling away at the end of the video.

According to WMTW, Officer Hilton has only been with the department for a few months. He hadn’t seen a skunk before moving to Maine from Georgia in the spring.