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Good Samaritan

Jim and Doug discuss how police can be aided by police supporters, and how to tell interested citizens that they’re most helpful in backing away
Jim and Doug offer thoughts on whether or not there’s an increase in such events
Many “ordinary” citizens who populate this great nation have an inherent willingness to step in to a dangerous confrontation to save a cop’s life
“So then I hear, ‘Get him!’ and I look to my left, and it wasn’t but a second and a half, maybe two seconds,” Trey Filter said. “And somebody was running past me, and they’re yelling, ‘Get him!’ So I jumped”
Las Cruces Police Department Officer Jonah Hernandez died at a hospital after he was stabbed at least once; the witness used Hernandez’s police radio to call for help
“Her quick and calm response under pressure saved recruit (Solomon) Kessio’s life,” said Dayton Police Chief Kamran Afzal
The man was involved in a crash before shooting a bystander who approached to offer help
Officers pursued the suspect until he crashed the stolen vehicle he was driving; then he opened fire at them
“Everything about what he did, he was being so genuine. It was easy to have someone to talk to there,” Trooper Josh Osche said
Officer J. Gibson was shot in the leg by a suspected carjacker; the good Samaritan saw the officer needed help and pulled him to safety
“We’re just incredibly grateful,” the woman said. “It was just a pure blessing that they were there”
The officer sustained minor injuries, according to the sheriff’s office
The man had been in 53-degree water for about an hour and was beginning to lose fine motor skills when he was rescued
Officers pursued a man until he crashed his vehicle; when he tried to carjack a vehicle in a drive through, bystanders stepped in and held him until police could arrest him
Joe Walker was reportedly shot twice in the stomach while trying to stop the shooter
Store owners subdued the man, who said he was hearing people in his head, until police arrived
“I would just like to say thank you to this young woman, of course, and all the officers involved. I’m really grateful to be alive,” the man said
Shortly after the suspect’s car was pinned by the pickup truck, he began to surrender but got stuck while climbing out of the window
The driver, who had his head pushed through the car’s sun roof during the accident, was taken to the hospital
The suspect choked, strangled and punched the sergeant multiple times in the head while attempting to disarm the officer
The officer was grazed by the shot but continued to hold down the suspect
Three civilians jumped in as the suspect put up a fight during an arrest. He “continued to scream, yell, kick and spit at other responding officers”
“I just ran toward the officer and I punched the (suspect) in the ribs, but it seemed like he didn’t even feel it”
‘I was thinking there was a good chance he might need help because I didn’t see his car,’ said Villanova senior Phil Sandor
“I did as much as I could to prevent the cheese from sliding,” said delivery man Tyler Morrell after helping officers catch a suspect
An unknown truck driver pulled the deputy to safety after he was ejected from his cruiser onto the interstate
When Officer Robert Shisler was shot, a neighbor applied pressure to control the bleeding until another officer arrived and applied a tourniquet
Once Shante Trumpet noticed the gunman’s grip had loosed on the gun, she knew it was her time to act
“Thank God for neighbors who were inquisitive and said: ‘That screaming is not right,’” Sheriff Grady Judd said