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Good Samaritan

Jim and Doug discuss how police can be aided by police supporters, and how to tell interested citizens that they’re most helpful in backing away
Jim and Doug offer thoughts on whether or not there’s an increase in such events
Many “ordinary” citizens who populate this great nation have an inherent willingness to step in to a dangerous confrontation to save a cop’s life
“So then I hear, ‘Get him!’ and I look to my left, and it wasn’t but a second and a half, maybe two seconds,” Trey Filter said. “And somebody was running past me, and they’re yelling, ‘Get him!’ So I jumped”
Las Cruces Police Department Officer Jonah Hernandez died at a hospital after he was stabbed at least once; the witness used Hernandez’s police radio to call for help
“Her quick and calm response under pressure saved recruit (Solomon) Kessio’s life,” said Dayton Police Chief Kamran Afzal
The man was involved in a crash before shooting a bystander who approached to offer help
Officers pursued the suspect until he crashed the stolen vehicle he was driving; then he opened fire at them
“Everything about what he did, he was being so genuine. It was easy to have someone to talk to there,” Trooper Josh Osche said
Officer J. Gibson was shot in the leg by a suspected carjacker; the good Samaritan saw the officer needed help and pulled him to safety
“We’re just incredibly grateful,” the woman said. “It was just a pure blessing that they were there”