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Busting the myths surrounding live social media collection and analysis
When you are dealing with someone in crisis, you must make contact with them so you can begin to build a rapport
The app, called Safe Stop, works on a two-way connection where the driver would start the call with the deputy after being pulled over
The Warren County Communications Center has received six calls generated by iPhones while their users were riding a Kings Island coaster
The ruling recommends law enforcement agencies adopt protocols to pull data from the devices under more narrow parameters
The communications platform for first responders went live in 2017 and currently has three million users nationwide
Simply say, “Bystander, record,” and the video will go straight to Tallahassee Police
CopLine and Cop2Cop offer 24/7 confidential support from trained helpline workers
The department is switching over from Nokia phones to iPhones as they combat crime in the digital age
The Kyocera DuraForce PRO cellphone is uniquely qualified to meet cops’ needs