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Crime Map

Follow this page to keep track of news and expert analysis on crime mapping, used by law enforcement agencies to analyze incident patterns in major cities like New Orleans and Los Angeles.

How law enforcement agencies are adopting cloud-based or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) software solutions as part of the fight against crime
Modern analytics technology can reduce the time required to identify networks, operatives, criminal activity patterns and other indicators of organization
Looking at the per capita data, these counties have the highest homicide rates in the country.
The program is based off the “Cure Violence” model which seeks to deal with violent crime as a public health crisis: using “interrupters” and “outreach workers” to prevent shootings and other violent crimes
Data from law enforcement agencies nationwide shows a decrease in the double-digits
“The mayor, the city, the city council, and the Minneapolis Police Department collectively agreed to severely limit police response in the barricaded area surrounding plaintiffs’ businesses,” according to the lawsuit
“It activates the community as a whole to be vigilant and to take care of not only themselves but their neighbors,” an officer said
Researchers used historical data to detect patterns over time per 1,000 square feet of Chicago
The program will enable the identification of specific communities and neighborhoods at increased risk of overdose deaths or outbreaks
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but crime scene mapping using 3-D laser scanners provides context, accuracy and speed
Check our interactive map to see how your city measures up.
The SLCPD used core components of CompStat to succeed, such as timely and accurate information, rapid deployment of resources, effective tactics and relentless follow-up
Gaps in information sharing led the DOJ to push for agencies to adopt intelligence-led policing. Here are a few examples of agencies that have deployed the strategy.
Ray Kelly said the map is the next evolution for the NYPD’s transparency with New Yorkers who want to know how safe the streets are
What do police report writing and fudge have in common?