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The harassment included hacking attempts of the officer’s personal computer, false police reports and thousands of spam messages
The 2023 attack, which “came in as a [phishing] email,” culminated in San Bernardino County paying a ransom of $1.1 million in cryptocurrency to the hackers
Based on dozens of real-life CyberTipline reports, an interactive film follows the story of a 15-year-old boy’s exploitation online
As technology continues to integrate into all aspects of daily life, it has unfortunately also become a tool for perpetrating violence
Trends that will guide U.S. public safety organizations to success and transformation
“Recreating crime scenes, information sharing and planning of tactics will boost situational awareness,” the Interpol report states
Solutions and insights for protecting public safety networks from cyberattacks
The teen was safely reunited with her mother, but that outcome required quick coordination between at least six law enforcement agencies in two states within 27 hours
“Not every child ... will have the support system to deal with this issue,” Dorota Mani, the mother of a victim, said. “And they might not see the light at the end of the tunnel.”
New report reveals critical need for public safety agencies to deploy modern cloud-native dispatch and technology systems to better support the communities they serve
The parents of James Woods, 17, are on a mission to shine a light on the events leading up to the death of their only child by suicide and what happened after
FBI Director Christopher Wray highlighted the case in a speech at IACP 2023
Dr. David P. Weber, who blew the whistle on misconduct in the Bernie Madoff and R. Allen Stanford cases, is using a $2.6M grant to oversee interns investigating fraudsters preying on the elderly
As America’s senior population grows, police must adjust to better serve their needs
Hayward dispatchers and public safety personnel are having to track calls using pen and paper
The investigation into the deadly shooting at the Allen outlet mall is ongoing, with law enforcement officials searching for a motive behind the attack
A ransomware attack on the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department computers caused a shutdown in email, in-car cameras and a database for background checks
City officials said the police website was affected as well as computer-assisted-dispatching that the fire department uses
Shawn Talmadge of Virginia’s Department of Emergency Management explains why cyber threat intelligence-sharing is key to preparing the state for large-scale disaster response
The breach has disabled patrol vehicle laptops, forcing officers to write down details of calls they receive from dispatch
The hackers posted over 120K files from BART’s PD, including the names of child abuse victims, driver’s license numbers and mental health info
Building an effective response plan to thwart ransomware attacks requires a methodical and considered approach
Political ideology or financial motives were behind nearly every observed cyberattack on law enforcement
Sheriff’s detective Sgt. Allison Garafola received a complaint submitted by Google through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children