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Drug Enforcement Agency

Retired DEA agent and expert guests explore drug production, trafficking, and the role of law enforcement and harm reduction to combat the flow of fentanyl into our communities
Operation HOPLON aims to weaken the global trade in narcotics by disrupting the illicit precursor chemical supply using Raman technology
What each form of fentanyl means for the user and first responder.
“Our K-9 teams are an invaluable component of our counter-narcotics operations, providing a reliable and unequalled mobile detection capability,” said the Otay Mesa Port director
“Let’s be clear: Selling drugs is not legal. Using drugs out in the open is completely unacceptable,” Mayor London Breed said
Sheriff: “We are in a war we’re not winning. Americans have to stand up and say these social media companies are complicit in these deaths”
Drug dealers and users are using cookie emojis to order large batches of drugs or a tree leaf emoji to inquire if someone is selling marijuana
The cross-border passage runs the length of six football fields and pops up in a California warehouse
SPD has seized 650,000 fentanyl pills so far this year, 10 times more than last year, said Chief Adrian Diaz
Lab analyses showed two of every five fake pills containing fentanyl contained a potentially lethal dose of the drug
Police arrested two drug traffickers transporting more than 100 pounds of crystal meth worth $1 million
They will eventually serve in the NPA’s K-9 Anti Bomb and Drug unit
Last week, Sessions called on federal prosecutors to be more aggressive about filing felony charges against people who cross the border illegally
Has faced mounting pressure from Congress, where some questioned her competence in the wake of a scathing government watchdog report
Special agent suffered a head injury and a broken leg when he was hit by a suspect’s car
Jack Riley, 56, has been named the DEA’s new chief of operations — considered the federal agency’s No. 3 position
DEA on Wednesday broadened its national crackdown on synthetic drug manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers