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Emotional Wellbeing

Does your PD have a gym but no policy that OKs on-duty workouts? Have you green-lit visits with counselors, but have nowhere for your officers to meet them privately?
Unlike common approaches to wellness, COMPASS is designed to tailor program implementation to the conditions that are unique to each agency
The Irving Police Department and Irving Fire Department combined forces to offer EMDR therapy, an employee health clinic, wellness incentives and much more
“Officers today see a lot of hard stuff on the road and on the jobs that they do, so [C.J.] serves to support them and help me whenever I’m providing mental health treatment,” an official said
As a police officer, you need a personal support network to help you deal with trauma; your spouse and friends are a good place to start
By following actionable steps before, during and after a vacation, officers can embrace the therapeutic power of detachment
Constructive strategies are needed, including industry standards for physical and mental health and supervisor training to detect and respond to signs of distress
Remember that it’s okay not to be okay but not to stay that way
It is imperative that officers process their emotions after exposure to these events to avoid long-term mental health issues
How can you tell the difference between occasional second-guessing and full-blown imposter syndrome?
You will face traumatic incidents, so learn to build your resilience from day one, and accept help when you experience something above your ability to process