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PA State Troopers rescue a bald eagle struck by a vehicle
Court rules that the behavior of the dog, and the subject’s failure to control the dog, could lead a reasonable officer to perceive the dog as an imminent threat
In some situations, we have time to make a formal plan
The idea to add Patch to the force was inspired by Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick, a horse lover; Patch will help the horses working the Mardi Gras festival by relieving their anxiety and boredom
The video collaboration sheds light on how firearms manufacturers like Savage have helped pave the way for the Pittman-Robertson Act to contribute to the work of wildlife agencies
Boulder Police Department officers shot the dog as it ran toward them after repeatedly going after its owner
“It took deputies and cowboys nearly two hours to contain the bull, but not before it charged both people and vehicles,” the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office stated
Video shows camels walking on the highway along with zebras standing next to LEOs
The officer sent a lifeline to the man via his dog, Ruby, who carried it across the ice
“Due to the bobcat’s injuries, the animal was docile and surrendered to the help the deputy was providing,” the Lee County Sheriff’s Office stated
“No beavers or officers were injured,” a spokesperson for the Bartlett Police Department said