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Gang Investigations

Despite their effectiveness in helping police agencies, some places are pulling back on utilizing gang injunctions
Reducing abatement costs, recouping funds, and diverting youth from criminal activity go from goals to realities
An integrated strategy includes cleaning up graffiti, prosecuting vandals, working with the community and decoding threats
Duane Davis maintains he was given immunity in 2008 by an FBI and LAPD task force investigating the killings of Shakur in Las Vegas and rival rapper known as The Notorious B.I.G. six months later
“At the end of the day, BRIC helps solve crimes, particularly violent crime, homicides. BRIC brings justice and some solace, a little bit of peace and a little bit of closure,” city councilor Michael Flaherty said
Gionni Dameron, 18, and Rashad Carr, 16, were fatally shot while seeking to “rebuild their lives” in an educational program
The attack stemmed from an ongoing gang dispute, police said, and an 18-year-old has been charged
Officer Jonathan “J.D.” De Guzman was gunned down behind the wheel of his patrol car in 2016
The story of two gang detectives working what many considered, in its heyday, to be some of the meanest streets in the country
The shooting is currently being reviewed by the county DA
Police investigation software is a powerful crime-fighting tool; learn how to find the right solution for your agency
Gangs use graffiti to mark their territory, mourn fallen members and challenge rival gangs
A partnership between an investigator, an analyst and a prosecutor to share data and collaborate on cases is reducing gang crime in Georgia
Known as “cyberbanging,” gangs are recruiting new members, intimidating rivals, promoting criminal activity and advertising their brand online
These centers incorporate all aspects of intelligence-led policing by emphasizing information sharing and collaboration among varying criminal justice stakeholders
The OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model can be a driver to ILP
Learn about the different types of graffiti, how to identify each type, resolve cases, and seek restitution
FBI agents arrested William Seeley, also known as “Papa Don,” about a week after a grand jury indicted Seeley and seven other Mad Stone Bloods members in a sprawling drug conspiracy
When the crime is the evidence, a web-based tool can help you investigate even after tagging or gang graffiti is removed or painted over
“Research revealed a structured organization involved in murder, attempted murder, robbery, arson, firearms trafficking as well as witness intimidation and other serious offenses,” Sheriff Mike Williams said
Cryptocurrency is the favored way for criminals to pay for illegal weapons and drugs. Do you know how to follow this new money trail?
Law enforcement leadership, corrections leadership and policymakers need to reevaluate their strategy for implementing gang prevention programs
Court orders prohibiting police in L.A. and elsewhere in California from enforcing gang injunctions are prompting LE leaders to rethink how they employ the tool
When deciphering a gang or inmate-coded sample, sometimes your best teacher is your last mistake
Police will instead record alleged criminal conduct, which would pop up as a flag and still help alert officers to a potential threat
Both officers are in stable condition
The men were members of the gang’s Columbus chapter, which includes members from Dayton and Indianapolis and is part of MS-13’s East Coast “program”
Deputies are investigating the possibility that the assailant was a rival gang member