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It can hold the key to solving more and bigger crimes
An integrated strategy includes cleaning up graffiti, prosecuting vandals, working with the community and decoding threats
Crimes at the site have prompted a 24-hour guard by officers working overtime; 18 arrests have been made at the site since Feb. 1
A police helicopter crew spotted more than a dozen people trespassing and possibly spray-painting the building
Portland police said Jacob Ramos fabricated illegal firearms in his downtime using a 3-D printer and other tools
Gangs use graffiti to mark their territory, mourn fallen members and challenge rival gangs
When the crime is the evidence, a web-based tool can help you investigate even after tagging or gang graffiti is removed or painted over
Bratton considers graffiti a harbinger of worsening crime and societal decay
Some officers are questioning the new directive — suggesting there are bigger issues to focus on