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For you to come out on top, you will be a blend of having the chops and showing up as your best-presented self
Attract police recruits with these actionable insights from a BJA/COPS Office report
Silos kill progress and diminish the greater good, and our greater good is a healthy, operational police agency
“In addition to being police officers, we are also members of the community. We have lives outside of policing, too.”
At just 18 years old, Donnie was controlling a chaotic murder scene while others his age were still struggling to control their acne
Mayor Eric Adams announced that next year’s city budget will come with “extremely painful” cuts, which are likely to impact the NYPD and FDNY
The department also announced the cities that will be added to the National Public Safety Partnership in 2024, as well as a national summit on violent crime
Successful recruitment in the 21st century requires an authentic approach to connect with each candidate instead of following a checklist of things to do and incentives to offer
The Cleveland homicide unit has 16 detectives; The unit is budgeted for 23 detectives but the federal recommendation is 38 detectives
The new law retains the minimum age of 18 but removes the age limit of 44 for interested in applying for jobs in law enforcement
The Wichita City Council approved funding for more officers than the department has been able to recruit; Police union says lowering entry standards isn’t the answer
An old fire station was converted into a police substation in acknowledgment that officers cannot afford to live in the area
Alameda is offering what they believe to be the largest LEO signing bonus in the country
Trainees and current officers respond to criticisms about maturity and supervision
State Senator Javier Valdez said the bill would help address current job shortages and “promote diversification of Washington’s public service”
Greenfield officials accepted the police department’s recommendations on quickly hiring new officers
One council member said he didn’t want Jason Kuzik, then 52, because he was “getting close to retirement”
Bill passed to lower minimum hiring age brings a new detention deputy to Lexington County
State senate bill tries to deal with the shortage of officers by changing only the minimum age
Chief of Training Juanita Holmes said no officer is pursuing a suspect for a mile and a half
Last year, a bill was signed into law to lower the minimum age for detention deputies from 21 to 18
Currently, DACA recipients can become troopers, game wardens, COs and serve in the Wisconsin National Guard
William Armstrong is the first Black chief in Brookford – something he hopes will inspire others to join the law enforcement profession
The test, according to chiefs across the state, is making it difficult for departments to hire and retain officers
High court personnel are showing up on college campuses, military bases and other venues to try to fill some of the force’s many vacancies
“Given the lack of actionable information, the cost of the reports, and the possibility of missing a great candidate, we chose to request the change,” Capt. Tim Patton said
List ranks occupations by level of stress, driving home the importance of hiring responders who can remain calm during high-stress situations
An ISP recruiter says lapses in coverage may become more apparent if staffing levels continue to fall