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A 10-step response strategy for public information officers when faced with a viral news story
Being diagnosed with a rare cancer is “as scary as it sounds” says this former NYPD cop
Author and NYPD Detective Investigator Adrian Goodwin has one goal: to foster a positive perception of police among the youngest members of the community
The officer fired one shot at the suspect, causing him to let go of the victim
“I mean, if you want to get someone over here, now would be a great time,” a helicopter crew officer told officers on the ground as the suspect stopped in a highway median
“She set free a predator back into the community, who may be on your next train, or walking the streets of our city, looking for his next victim,” Chief of Patrol John Chell said
Detective Anastasios Tsakos was killed in 2021 after Jessica Beauvais, who had a blood alcohol level over twice the legal limit, struck him on an expressway and fled the scene
“When you hear the screams, it’s something in you. You can’t just disregard that and wait for fire, so we went up,” Officer Vincenzo Rallo said
Video shows bystanders throwing objects at a group of officers as they struggle to handcuff a detainee
A recent viral video of the NYPD Dance team’s performance on a TV news segment has ignited debates on its impact, funding and community effects
“You can’t beat the dog’s nose,” Officer Matthew Gullo said. “Any electronic device that has storage capability, they find because they all have the same chemical in common”
“Well over 5,000 cops were attacked and injured last year – that’s not only a record, it’s a full-blown epidemic,” Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry stated
Video shows the chaotic moments leading up to the brawl between officers and several suspects, who were seen kicking at officers and trying to stop them from arresting a man
The agreement set up a four-tiered response plan, which specifies benchmarks that must be reached before certain policing actions can take place
“One of my colleagues caught a guy shoplifting and instead of calling 911, he called the crime prevention team, and they were there in five minutes,” a Bronx businessman said
The 400-pound robot was meant to be a deterrent to subway crime; two human officers had to guard it at all times to keep it from being vandalized
The policies were relaxed in 2016 to allow beards, knit caps and loose collars
Out of the 12 people involved, four were arrested at the scene, and three were subsequently arrested; all but one have been released without bail after arraignment
NYPD Officer Decio was stabbed in the neck and Officer Gonzalez was stabbed in the temple before Decio shot the assailant
“This is borne out of the recognition that we have a lot of vexing problems on our southern border — fentanyl scourge, transnational criminal organizations that might have a footprint into the U.S. and increasingly toward our city, and the migrant crisis,” a NYPD leader stated
The new law requires officers to record the apparent race, gender and age of every person officers question, even if they are not suspected of committing a crime
Four of the men were arrested, arraigned and released without bail; the other five suspects remain at large
The overhaul limited NYPD’s ability to use “kettling” tactics and implemented a four-tiered strategy dictating when officers can take enforcement during protests
Sgt. Erik Duran pleaded not guilty at his arraignment
“Until these people are punished for assaulting New York City police officers, they’re going to continue,” PBA President Patrick Hendry said
“We don’t want to handcuff police. We want to handcuff bad people. That’s the goal,” Mayor Eric Adams stated
“Because of the swift actions of the two police officers who were involved and the responding officers, those officers will be going home,” Mayor Eric Adams stated
Joseph Zadroga’s advocacy led to the passing of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010, named after Zadroga’s son
The NYPD and some legal experts say that the number of complaints pale in comparison “to the millions of interactions officers have with the public on an annual basis”