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Immigration and Customs Enforcement

“It is incredible the amount of drugs being seized at the border.”
Communities far from the border are confronting complex criminal issues spawned by the unbridled flood of illegal migrants
The agency has discontinued its “Safety and Weather Leave” policy, which would have allowed agents to take paid leave under extenuating circumstances
Governor Ron DeSantis stated that he is deploying more than 250 state officers and soldiers as well helicopters, aircraft, drones and boats to enhance border security
The law would allow state officers to arrest people suspected of entering the country illegally; people who are arrested could then agree to a Texas judge’s order to leave the country or face a misdemeanor charge
The Texas law, known as Senate Bill 4, was set to take effect March 5; the state is expected to appeal the ruling
Missouri troopers will join the state of Texas, which is conducting a separate border security operation from the U.S. Border Patrol
Known as SB 4, the Texas state law makes it a misdemeanor to cross the international border without authorization and authorizes police officers to carry out immigration enforcement
Gov. Greg Abbott predicted the number of people crossing illegally into Texas would drop by “well over 50%, maybe 75%"
New recruits who are not U.S. citizens are prohibited from gun ownership; the department is working to adjust policies to accommodate them
House Bill 4 would make entering the country illegally a misdemeanor and give state and local law enforcement the power to jail or deport violators
“We have not turned them away,” Larry Snelling said. “But what we need are other people to step up in these situations because the burden has been on the police department to house people”
Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay criticized the federal response to the uptick in migrant arrivals, saying they were stretching local resources
Agent Jorge Arias was shot in the chest during a role-playing scenario by another officer who mistook his training pistol for his handgun
The officer was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center where he succumbed to his injuries
“The number of deaths because of this crisis and the amount of immigrants that have lost their lives, is a record number that we’ve never seen before,” one DPS official said
Current California law says police officers must be citizens or permanent residents who have applied for citizenship
The shooter was recently released from jail after he was arrested for assaulting a CHP officer, but under California’s so-called sanctuary state law, ICE is not notified when in-custody people are released
Exceptions include threats to national security and public safety, and if there is imminent risk of physical harm to a person
Some state officials said the order contradicts the governor’s stance that Florida law enforcement should cooperate with federal immigration authorities
Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez has been tapped to serve as the nation’s immigration enforcement chief
Officials cited Chris Magnus’ role as chief in a “diverse city close to the U.S.-Mexican border”
The two self-described “sanctuary cities” could not be forced to turn local police into federal immigration agents, a court ruled
The collision happened just weeks after a similar incident killed 13 migrants
The bill would prevent state and local law enforcement from diverting resources or disclosing sensitive information to federal authorities
The nine-page agreements known as Sanctuary for Americans First Enactment, or SAFE, are expansive
The stabbing attack left two people dead and three injured
The justices’ order leaves in place lower court rulings that upheld the law
U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III called for an investigation into what occurred at the Bristol County House of Corrections, as well as the release of surveillance footage