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The ramifications of marijuana legislation on police departments and their hiring processes
Cannabis legalization is already happening, but federal action has been absent
Here’s what Oregonians can expect to see from the state’s recent decriminalization of small amounts of heroin and other street drugs
“Having a legal drug become a barrier to increasing law enforcement seems like it’s a bad policy,” a county official stated
The department has held green lab events since 2017 in order to help train police officers about cannabis driving impairment
Drug detection K-9s that alert to marijuana will not be able to assist in traffic stops as they have in the past, as marijuana possession no longer constitutes probable cause
Police Recruitment
Several northeast Ohio departments will continue to screen for marijuana, as the law permits employers to bar applicants who use it
Under the proposal, the first $40 million in adult use marijuana tax revenue each year over the next two years would go to Law Enforcement Assistance Fund for training
The battery-powered Power Wheels Jeep has a top speed of 5 mph and no lights
A judge pointed out that the city failed to provide any evidence demonstrating that the officer’s off-duty cannabis use had an impact on her job performance
An advisory council suggested reducing the time requirement for a recruit to not have consumed marijuana within 12 months and three years for drugs