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Mounted Police

Officers from the Folsom Police Department’s mounted unit on patrol
A young girl asks if she can ride horses as a police officer too when she grows up
Mounted officers need to be visible and proactive to maintain relevancy within modern policing
The law increases penalties for anyone who assaults or kills a law enforcement animal, including a hefty fine on top of paying for medical costs
Albuquerque police bodycam video shows a dark-brown horse trotting through a parking lot behind a man in black clothing
The horses were members of the Cleveland PD mounted division that “inadvertently strayed” during routine care and exercise
The idea to add Patch to the force was inspired by Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick, a horse lover; Patch will help the horses working the Mardi Gras festival by relieving their anxiety and boredom
The move will put more officers on patrol, saving the department in officer overtime pay
“You can yell at me and argue with me,” Officer McDonald said, “but my horse doesn’t care what you have to say. He’s gonna keep going”
“There was no intention to be insensitive to people and their misperceptions of what the ghost horses represented, and for this we apologize,” the sheriff said
The university’s equine director revealed details of their training process to prepare horses for the world of law enforcement
Ace and his partner began their shift on Bourbon Street each day, dancing with musicians and bringing smiles to the community
A vehicle rear-ended Elton while out on patrol in downtown Wilmington
The officers placed a pillow under 14-year-old Ryder’s head and also cooled him down with a hose
Nichole Shuff was responding to a medical call at a county fair when she suffered a severe head injury
The body camera shows the officer and his horse charging after the suspect for about a block before a pair of officers grabbed the suspect without incident
Charleston PD says the mounted unit will be a great opportunity to connect with the community
The only mounted patrol in Texas will be phased out, police announced this week
“He was a big horse with a big heart,” said Officer Kelly McKenney, a mounted patrol unit member
Chief Larry Scirotto says the horses are great for tourism and events, but admits it can be hard to show they’re fighting crime
Samson and Freedom have since been corralled and returned safely to their stables
Photos of the Saturday incident went viral on social media
Walking the beat is a fundamental element to community policing
Video released Friday shows Sgt. Daniel Scanlan and horse JJ chasing, and eventually arresting, a suspect
Police say she hit a state trooper’s horse in the neck with a flag pole that had a nail protruding from it
The mounted officers were on patrol when they saw the gunfight in the middle of a city street
An 8-year-old Pennsylvania boy who was once helped by riding therapy horses has donated his birthday money — all $356.36 of it — to benefit mounted police
Jim and Doug discuss how those units differ from patrol, and offer some keys to successfully making the transition to a specialized assignment
Officer John Sesselman grabbed a treat for him and his partner, King Tut