5-year-old girl finds SBI agent’s gun in NC restaurant bathroom

The agent returned for the gun while sheriff's office investigated

By Police1 Staff

HARRISBURG, N.C. — A gun belonging to a State Bureau of Investigation agent was found by a 5-year-old girl in a North Carolina restaurant, FOX 8 reported.

“I know we’re all human, we all make mistakes. That’s a pretty big mistake for my 5-year-old little girl to find a gun in the bathroom,” the girl’s father, Jody Sarris, told the publication.

The girl found the gun Sept. 10 in a bathroom stall at the Mexicasa Restaurant & Grill and immediately told her parents, who then informed the restaurant staff. The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation agent returned to get his gun during the sheriff’s investigation.

An internal investigation is underway.

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