Anger alert: Cop told to dry-fire at colleague and 4 more stories that infuriated cops

Here's what sparked angry responses from our Facebook audience this week

By Police1 Staff

Facebook recently launched a new extension of their ‘like’ feature that allows readers to more accurately express their feelings about a story – something police officers aren’t shy about doing.

This week, an attack on a retired officer who was attempting to break up a fight, an officer allegedly dry-firing at his colleague in a ‘training exercise’  during roll call, and a hoax 'officer down' call are just some of the stories that made cops’ blood boil. Take a look at our roundup below and share your thoughts in the comments.

5. 'Run and hide' Chicago airport cops may soon be allowed firearms

Chicago’s airports are the only ones in the country in which aviation officers do not carry firearms.

4. DC cop dry-fires unloaded gun at colleague's head in 'training exercise'

An officer allegedly fired an unloaded weapon at the head of another officer during roll call as part of a training exercise about situational awareness.

3. Phoenix PD investigating after hoax 'officer down' call on police radio

Dozens of police and a patrol helicopter responded to the scene, but there was nothing that indicated a shooting had taken place.

2. Video: Retired Okla. officer sucker punched by teen

Video spread across social media that showed the retired officer being shoved into a wall and sucker punched by the fighting teens he was trying to stop.

1. Donations for slain Va. trooper's family stolen, suspect sought

A jar set up to collect funds for the family of fallen Virginia State Police Trooper Chad P. Dermyer was stolen from the counter of a convenience store. 

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