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Trending Topics: When gunfire erupts inside a courthouse

By Police1 Staff

Despite security measures meant to mitigate the risk of danger, acts of violence continue to occur inside courthouses across the nation. From a targeted attack by a sovereign citizen to a violent outburst during a trial, take a look at these five stories covering this disturbing trend.

Deputy shoots, kills armed White House fence jumper in Pa. courthouse

The suspect entered the lobby of a courthouse and slashed a deputy before he was fatally shot.

Scuffle inside Ohio courthouse ends in gunshot

An altercation caught on camera between a man and courthouse security officers resulted in a lockdown and arrest.

Footage of sovereign citizen’s ‘full-frontal assault’ on courthouse released

Surveillance video captured the attack that resulted in one officer wounded and a suspect shot to death.

Courthouse violence unpredictable, despite security advances

When Utah’s new courthouse opened, it came with security improvements that are becoming standard, but nothing can prevent every violent courtroom outburst.

Ark. courthouse rampage footage released

Gunman shot one person before police fatally shot him on courthouse lawn.