Video: Ariz. shootout injures two cops, kills suspect

Newly released video from January incident shows deadly OIS

By Police1 Staff

TUCSON, Ariz. — The Greenlee County Attorney's Office has released video footage of a January shooting that left the suspect dead and two officers injured, Tucson News Now reports. 

Deputy John Mennen and Sgt. Jason Mingura were responding to a domestic violence call around 11 p.m. on January 26 when the shootout occurred.

According to the Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office report, Chris Ingram, 29, went to visit his sister at her home and was upset about his wife filing for divorce. His sister suspected he had been drinking. The siblings then went to Ingram’s home and discovered his wife with another man.

Ingram had multiple confrontations with his wife, and, according to the report, told his sister, "Things are going to get bad, you better leave.”

Officers received two calls about a man “acting crazy” and harassing the caller. When they spotted the truck described in the calls and attempted to pull the driver, Ingram, over, he refused to stop - running a stop sign in the process.

Mennen approached Ingram and described him as “combative.” He was hunched over in his seat trying to conceal something in his hands. Mennen asked him to raise his hands and Ingram began shooting. 

Mennen got hit in the abdomen and the shoulder. Ingram then got out of his vehicle and opened fire on Mingura, who was hit in the left hand and buttocks. 

When Mennen saw Ingram return to his vehicle to grab what he believed to be another weapon, he exchanged fire with him until Ingram fell to the ground.

Ingram died as a result of his gunshot wounds. 

Both officers were cleared in the investigation, but so far, only Mennen has returned to work.

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