Trending topics: When the camera tells a different story

By Police1 Staff

As police officers endure increasingly intense scrutiny in their interactions with the public, video footage is more vital than ever in protecting cops against false accusations. In this week's 'Trending Topics,' we take a look at five incidents that emphasize the utility of having a camera – or multiple cameras – at the scene of a confrontation. Take a look and add your thoughts below.

NJ cop's dash cam refutes man's harassment claims

Suspect filmed the incident on cell phone camera and later uploaded it to YouTube with claims of police harassment.


Cop's cam disputes firefighter's race accusations

Firefighter claimed that an officer was racially motivated in detaining him and his two children during a possible burglary call.


Dash cam contradicts misconduct claim by NAACP, pastor

Department responded to claims by releasing dash cam video of the traffic stop.

Chief: Assault of cop, takedown of suspect proves utility of body cams

Police chief praised his agency’s investment after a video captured an incident that may have been misconstrued as excessive force.

Chief: Video shoots down blogger's 'babysitting while white' story

Dash cam contradicted a blogger's claims that officers responding to a kidnapping call drew TASERs and roughly handcuffed him as he walked with his granddaughter.



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