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Video: Fla. officer remains calm, applies tourniquet to own bloodied leg after OIS

“I look down and I have bright red arterial blood on my boot. You can’t help others if you’re down for the count.”

By Joanna Putman

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Tallahassee Police Department has released body camera footage showing an officer return fire at suspects and then rendering medical aid to himself after being shot, WCTV reported.

Video of the Sep. 25, 2023, incident released March 25 shows Officer Caleb Babb arriving on a scene where a 911 caller reported several armed suspects, according to the video release. Babb reported a suspicious vehicle leaving the area, before seeing one of the suspects coming out of a residence.

Babb then ran after the suspect and instructed him to stop and put down his weapon. The suspect did not comply, turning around and reentering the residence, the video shows. The officer ran after the suspect, approaching the door of the residence.

As Babb came near the residence, another suspect could be seen opening the door holding a weapon. He fired at Babb, striking him. Babb returned fire before retreating behind a residence to treat his injuries.

Video shows Babb’s leg covered in blood. He maintained a calm demeanor as he worked to apply a tourniquet, video shows.

“I look down and I have bright red arterial blood on my boot,” Babb said during an interview posted on Facebook by the department. “You can’t help others if you’re down for the count so I know I had to kind of fix whatever this was and then I could go back to work.”

Babb also thanked the other officers who helped to treat him during the interview.

“They went above and beyond to keep me alive, to get me to the people that could get me to be better,” Babb said

The suspects were identified as John’Darious Wright and Rahyim Sanders, who both face attempted murder charges, according to the report.