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Ind. officers save Christmas for family after presents knabbed by burglar

“To see those children’s reaction, that makes everything worthwhile,” said one officer after helping replace the stolen Christmas gifts


Photo/Facebook via South Bend PD

By Ashley Silver

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A group of Indiana officers turned a potential Christmas grinch story into one of joy for a family by replacing gifts that were stolen during a break-in.

The South Bend Police Department (SBPD) released a video on Facebook detailing the events that led up to a very memorable experience with one family.

“Earlier today, day shift officers responded to a breaking and entering complaint at a home in South Bend. After talking to the homeowner, officers learned that Christmas gifts had been taken, leaving the children with nothing for the holidays,” the department said.

According to the SBPD, officers managed to get in touch with organizers of the South Bend FOP Lodge’s Santa’s Elficers program, who provided new gifts to the family that had been left over from a toy drive.

FOX News spoke to one of the heroic officers who presented the new gifts to the family about his experience.

“I was shocked,” Officer Anthony Dawson told FOX. “First we go in, and you see nothing under a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. You’re in shock. And then you see the kids that they seem to be stoic…. They didn’t know what really was going on. At that time, I’m training a new officer who is the second day on patrol, and we knew we needed to do something.”

Another officer, Brian Meador, believes that opportunities to touch the lives of those in need are what make the job worth it.

“It’s amazing, really… It’s why we do what we do,” Meador told FOX. “So many times, you see just the negative, but this was an opportunity for us to do something positive and to see those children’s reaction, that makes everything worthwhile. They were filled with joy. They were excited. They were going through those presents like crazy. Nothing better than that.”