Digital Edition: Developing a Culture of Accountability

How agencies can weave the duty to intercede throughout their policies and training

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The death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, put a spotlight on how police departments track problematic officer behavior such as excessive or inappropriate use of force and then intervene with training, discipline, or firing of officers.

Detecting negative behavior – the near misses and minor problems – before there is a serious incident increases retention, saves time and money, and reduces risk and liability for an agency.

In this digital edition, sponsored by Getac Video Solutions, we look at how agencies can weave the duty to intercede and report misconduct throughout their policies and training to create a top-down culture that can change possible histories of misconduct into legacies of agency integrity.

We also provide a template for agencies to develop duty to intervene training and discuss how to develop a police candidate selection process that identifies those individuals most likely to become successful officers.  

Integrity and accountability are the foundation of effective policing and we hope you will use the content to ensure those tenets are embraced by every officer in your agency.

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