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The Newest FARO Focus Laser Scanner is Here for Public Safety Professionals

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FARO® Technologies Inc., a global leader of 3D measurement, imaging, and realization solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of complementary products one week from today: the Focus Laser Scanner, and the Stream Mobile app – two solutions that together enable 50% faster scans times and the ability to pre-register on-site reality capture data and radically speed time to investigative completion. The advantages for such a union of hardware and software are clear. Equipped with these technologies, law enforcement professionals, pre-incident planners, crime scene investigators and courtroom presenters —defense or prosecution — will have the tools they need to share on-scene reality-capture data faster than ever before and to accurately capture the on-scene elements that may have led to or contributed to an incident, be it a car accident, structural collapse, a mass-casualty event, homicide, etc. So, are you ready to enjoy a Focus scanner with double the scanning speed? And are you ready to connect your Focus to Stream and use that app to pre-register on-scene scans without the need to return on-site to take additional manual measurements, thereby accelerating investigative completion while providing closure (and answers) to those involved? If the answer is ‘Yes,’ then watch this YouTube video and get ready for what awaits. The future of 3D laser scanning and “whole scene data integration” is here!