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MILITAUR adds cooling ventilation to any body armor

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The MILITAUR Cooling Vest helps reduce moisture and odor while keeping the wearer comfortable.

MILITAUR is proud to announce the release of the MILITAUR Cooling Vest, a quality cooling vest that will keep first responders cool and dry under body armor.

Developed by first responders and active members of law enforcement, the MILITAUR Cooling Vest creates a lightweight, honeycombed spacer between users’ body armor and undershirts, promoting airflow and breathability to keep first responders cooler and more comfortable in the line of duty. The 3D mesh also promotes a more even weight distribution, allowing body armor to fit comofortably even during intense activity.

The many benefits of the MILITAUR Cooling Vest include:

  • Added cooling and sweat reduction
  • Reduces body armor odor
  • Anti-microbial
  • Preventing chafing
  • Improved weight distribution

First responders can purchase the MILITAUR Cooling Vest at the link below, and will receive free shipping in North America.