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It’s a great time to go tubeless: Introducing the revamped Micro Sound with new key features

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It’s never been a better time to Go Tubeless! Last year, Earphone Connection released Micro Sound: A simplistic tubeless earpiece that delivers clear audio with no obstruction or loss of sound, just clean audio from the source all the way to your ear. For the law enforcement industry, this tubeless technology was relatively new to the market. After officer field-testing, Earphone Connection is now releasing a revamped version of the Micro Sound with smart new features.

With traditional Acoustic Air Audio tubes there are many moving parts equating to more vulnerability, more wear and tear and shorter life span. Sound can diminish or not be heard at all due to impurities or bubbles created inside the tube. Another issue is the clear tube discoloring usually turning an ugly yellow. Earphone Connection’s Micro Sound is the first of its kind to incorporate a tiny speaker driver into our patented Fin Ultra™ Ambi dual sided flex ear tip. Not only do you get the option to wear in either ear, but you will receive clear crisp audio directly to the ear without sacrificing loss of sound. Check out this video outlining the benefits of going tubeless.


The Micro Sound speaker now features “Easy-Swivel”. The speaker rotates 180˚ so that you can conveniently adjust the earpiece to be worn in the left or right ear. The new “Snap-Lock” feature makes speaker replacements easy and the user has the option to switch between black and clear Micro Sound accessories.


Customers can choose between two cutting-edge Micro Sound systems: The Micro Sound Listen Only Earpiece and the Hawk EC M1 Tubeless Lapel Microphone featuring Micro Sound. Both systems are lightweight, affordable and best of all, Tubeless.

Both Micro Sound systems are enhanced with a 3-size assortment of Fin Ultra Ambi ear tips (small, medium and large). Sound quality is one thing, but if you are suffering from ear fatigue the sound will not make much difference. All day comfort is paramount in the professional market. The Fin Ultra™ Ambi is the only dual sided ear tip on the market today. One tip provides comfort for either left or right ear. The Ambi ear tip protects the users’ ears with the dual sided cones. The cones prevent the speaker from entering the ear canal. With the soft silicone gel material and open skeleton design, the user can hear ambient sound and the sounds’ source with no obstructions.

The Micro Sound can be used in any climate and is water resistant. From personal to industrial and professional use, the Micro Sound is for everyone. Look for the Micro Sound with new upgraded features in retail stores and online now or schedule a Test and Evaluation today here. Visit Earphone Connection’s web site to view all of our breakthrough tactical communication accessories at

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